Papers & Academic Works

Capacity Limits Lead to Information Bottlenecks in Ongoing Rapid Motor Behaviours

Modelling Intelligent Actions in Human Motor Control

Online control of discrete-event systems: A survey

Quantitatively Assessing Aging Effects In Rapid Motor Behaviours: A Cross-Sectional Study

Synthesizing supervisors with a minimum control base for discrete-event systems

Shared neural resources influence performance in rapid, interactive behavioural tasks

Using Subobservers to Synthesize Opacity-Enforcing Supervisors

Limited Lookahead Policies for the Control of Discrete-Event Systems: A Tutorial

Discrete-Event Systems for Modelling Decision-Making in Human Motor Control

Contextual One-Class Classification in Data Streams

The Wilderness Area Data Set: Adapting the Covertype data set for unsupervised learning

Adapting ClusTree for more challenging data stream environments

Clustering to Improve One-Class Classifier Performance in Data Streams

Clustering in the Presence of Concept Drift

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