Hints, tips, and suggestions I try to heed

Academic Writing


Ten simple rules for structuring papers
by Brett Mensh and Konrad Kording

This is the best paper I have ever read on the subject. The authors’ discussion of context-content-conclusion as well as their detailed explanations of a paper’s different sections have helped me to explain my ideas much more concisely. Even better, the paper is written using the authors’ own advice.

Writing for Science and Engineering: Papers, Presentations and Reports
by Heather Silyn-Roberts

Where “Ten simple rules” goes for brevity, “Writing for Science and Engineering” goes for depth. Detailed descriptions of every academic section, chapter, or document you will write. Handy checklists to summarize key points and for use afterwards.

Mathematical Writing
by Donald E. Knuth, Tracy Larrabee, and Paul M. Roberts

A report containing course lecture transcripts and handouts on the topic of how to write mathematics well. Honestly, is it the easiest read? No. But is it immensely insightful? Yes.

Writing with LaTeX
The LaTeX Wikibook

My first destination when I can’t remember something about LaTeX.

Creative Writing

Writ Large

I am also a hobby writer of creative fiction.
I co-organize the Kingston writing group Writ Large.

What Are Your Thoughts?

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